Real-Time Communication

Take collaboration and productivity to new levels!

Today’s customers and team members want to communicate on their terms. Whether that is voice, video, text or web chat. At Elev8, we integrate smart tools to build cohesive real-time communication solutions that suit the individual work styles of your teams and transform business productivity no matter the time, place or device.

If you are using multiple apps for various forms of communication, it may be costing you more than it should. Speak with an Elev8 expert to determine what it would take to update your old technology so your teams can take their productivity to new levels.

Voice and Video

Build a voice or video communications system enabled for mobility, supported by messaging, and integrated into meetings and team collaboration.


Raise productivity through faster knowledge exchange and embed communications in everyday work streams all on an intuitive BYOD-enabled platform.

Team Collaboration

Accelerate the speed of work processes by connecting video, document share, web chat and speaker management across any device.


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Whatever your plans are regarding technology, we can help you ELEV8 your business.